A Week in Review (Edition #10)

Uncategorized Aug 16, 2019

AUGUST 10 - AUGUST 17, 2019

Happy Saturday, Friends! Today I am recovering from hardcore SELF-DOUBT. I’m working through old stories of not being “good enough” or “deserving” of what I desire. You see, I am learning a new coaching style, and I feel that I am not “getting it” - certainly not as quickly or as well as the other coaches. I am comparing myself to them, and in the process, feeling like I suck (to sum it up).

Unfortunately, this story is NOT serving me in reaching my goals. It IS, however, serving me in staying “safe” and in my comfort zone. I wrote about this in this week’s newsletter (if you aren’t on the list, join here).

Here are my highlights this week:


Working Moms

Since I’m not reading a book a week, let’s talk TV. Netflix has so many great shows! One that I find funny and REAL is Working Moms. Even though I am not a mom, they cover relevant topics in a sarcastic and hilarious way. While it’s a comedy, the realness can get a bit uncomfortable. Any moms out there who want to feel seen and understood may like this show. Any non-moms who want the mom perspective may enjoy this as well (I sure do!).

Watch on Netflix!



I declared this the WEEK OF TACOS and I made…

While you may not want an entire week of Mexican-inspired food, I highly recommend you try one of these recipes. They are all SO GOOD.


My Patio


While I was in California last week, John cleaned our patio! This is possibly my favorite spot in the house! Now that it is dusk and bird-poop free, I can sit outside again! Each morning, I bring my lemon-ginger water (helps with digestion and bloat) and my cat onto the patio. I make my to-do list for the day, and enjoy the morning sun. Mia LOVES sitting out there with me, and looks so cute in her pink leash.


Norwex Pillow Cases

My friend Shannon is a Norwex rep! Norwex is like the Beautycounter of house-cleaning. I ADORE their products and feel confident bringing them into my home. I use the Envirocloth for my counters, the Odour Eliminator for Mia’s litter room, and now the PILLOW CASES.

I’m a stickler for changing my pillow case every week (even if I don’t change my sheets). This is because we breathe, drool and rub our faces on our pillows. YUCK. If you don’t already wash your face every night, it’s even wore. The new Norwex pillow cases have self-cleansing properties which reduce the likelihood of your face coming into contact with bacteria from everyday oil, dirt, germs and dead skin cells from night to night, making it great for acne-prone skin!

Anyway, if you are looking to clean up your cleaning products and be more environmentally friendly, then Norwex is for you. It is SAFE and EFFECTIVE.


Did You Know I Offer One-On-One Coaching?

With Inner Voice Coaching, I work with you to cut out the chatter of your mind, turn your attention inward and discover the answers to your questions. I help you figure out what you NEED, so you can let go of what is not serving you, and feel more at peace every single day.

This coaching puts you in charge and empowers you to dig deeper. It’s not scary, it’s fun! This summer, I’m offering “222 Special” - A 2-hour session for $222. If you have questions or would like to schedule a free intro call, shoot me an email.

To learn more about this, check out my new Instagram Series, Lessons from My Inner Voice.

Enjoy your weekend! Comment below if you try any of these resources.


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