A Week in Review (Edition #9)

Uncategorized Aug 09, 2019

JULY 29 - AUGUST 9, 2019

Happy Saturday, Friends! Today I am writing from a cute coffee shop in Carpinteria, CA. This little beach town is about 15 minutes south of Santa Barbara. My biz bestie Shannon and I are here staying at her friend’s home. We are swimming in the sea, having high-vibe conversations, working on our businesses, eating healthy food and enjoying the beautiful weather.

Shannon and I are very similar (Enneagram #7) and talk on the phone often, but we only get together about once a year. It’s a great reminder that who you spend time with influences your energy. This week, ideas are soaring, energy is HIGH and possibility is ENDLESS.

Here are my highlights this week:


Braving The Wilderness

I asked Shannon to give us all a book recommendation and she says Braving the Wilderness is a book that every human should read! This book invites compassion and understanding into your heart, something we can all benefit from. I’m sold! If you want to read it with me, let me know, we can have a little book club.

Grab your copy here!


No Cooking!

While I love cooking, I had no desire to do it while on vacation. Instead, I am enjoying eating local, healthy and delicious food in Cali! Here are the restaurants we have tried:

  • Lucky Lama Coffee Shop (Carpinteria, CA)

  • Zookers Cafe (Carpinteria, CA)

  • CrushCakes Coffee Shop and Bakery (Carpinteria, CA)

  • The Food Liason (Carpinteria, CA)

  • The Honor Bar (Montecito, CA)

  • The Nest (Ojai, CA)

  • Mesa Verde (Santa Barbara, CA)

  • Folded Hills Wine (Montecito, CA)

  • Padero Grill (Carpinteria, CA)


Reiki And Acupuncture

I had the pleasure of receiving energy work on Friday. Before the session I was feeling out of balance. I was tired, constipated, and stressed from travel and a month of change. Upon sitting with the practitioner, I immediately felt at ease. My body responded strongly and I was finally able to ground my energy. After the session, I was calm and exhausted.

My takeaway is this: sometimes the best form of self-care is being heard. Taking the time to reflect on where you are and HOW you got there is extremely valuable. Give your body and heart a chance to be heard. Instead of asking “What’s wrong with me?” try asking “What brought me here?”


Beautycounter Tinted Sunscreen

Extended time by the ocean means I need to wear sunscreen. I am a bit pale, so I was excited to try the Beautycounter Tinted sunscreen. The lightly tinted sunscreen sprays on (and rubs in) easily and gives your skin a subtle tint, plus it is water resistant. It is SPF 30 and made with non-nano zinc oxide and California poppy extract. It’s safe for you and reef-friendly! Grab a bottle for safer sun time!

BONUS: It is on sale right now. Everything on the Beautycounter website is 15% off. Go treat yourself!


Did You Know I Offer One-On-One Coaching?

With Inner Voice Coaching, I work with you to cut out the chatter of your mind, turn your attention inward and discover the answers to your questions. I help you figure out what you NEED, so you can let go of what is not serving you, and feel more at peace every single day.

This coaching puts you in charge and empowers you to dig deeper. It’s not scary, it’s fun! This summer, I’m offering “222 Special” - A 2-hour session for $222. If you have questions or would like to schedule a free intro call, shoot me an email.

To learn more about this, check out my new Instagram Series, Lessons from My Inner Voice.

Enjoy your weekend! Comment below if you try any of these resources.


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