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You Know The Drill.

A trip is coming up and you have a long list of "to dos" to get ready. You may have a process for getting ready and getting (or rushing) out the door. But what about once you get to the airport and start the actual travel process? 

Traveling can be very stressful on both your body and mind. Just the act of hustling out the door, rushing into an over crowded airport with florescent lights and being herded onto a plane with circulated air... oye!


Travel is a beautiful thing. It's amazing that we can get almost anywhere in the world in a number of hours. We can travel by car, plane, train, boat or even a private jet (#travelgoals).

However, getting to the destination can be a challenge...

  • You often have to put up with airlines whose goal seems to make the process as miserable as possible.
  • You have to go through security lines and be at the mercy of delays.  
  • You are forced to cramp yourself into a small seat designed to put you to sleep.
  • You have to deal with sick, angry, unaligned people  (heck, YOU may be that person while traveling)
  • You have to put up with being hustled and herded from place to place. And the list goes on!

Ok, obviously I don't LOVE travel. In fact, those of you who know me know I am a bit OCD when it comes to travel prep. I get a bit of travel anxiety, so I do what I can to prepare and keep myself grounded before, during and after. Over the years, I have found a pretty solid travel routine that helps me go with the flow and stay grounded while on the road. Oh and I also put together a "Alignful Travel Kit" for you to check out online. This has all of my favorite travel items in one place, so you can check it out.


Travel list. Before each trip I make a quick list of things I want to bring. I figure out what clothing I need and do all of my laundry a few days in advance. Then I pull aside all clothes for the trip. I usually pack only my favorite items.

House prep. After the clothing comes the house prep. I am a bit obsessive about leaving the house in perfect condition when I travel. When I come home, tired and dirty, I am always grateful to have a clean house.

Plan for when I return. Nowadays it's easy to order groceries and meals online. I like to have a delivery ready at my home when I get back from a trip. This allows me to end my vacation with healthy food so I can rebalance. You can use Amazon Fresh, Daily Harvest, Green Chef and local meal services. Just plan to have healthy, simple foods waiting for you at home so you can guarantee a healthy week.

Toiletries. This is always the last step to backing. In the days leading up to my trip, I start a little pile of toiletries that I want to bring. I have a full kit under my sink with travel size things. (it's not as extensive as my mom's travel collection, but it's pretty good). The morning of travel I use what I need, then throw the rest in my Dopp kit for the road. 


Again, those who know me know that I always have the BEST plane snacks. I am known to spend a pretty penny on plane food, so I don't have to deal with airport food, inflated prices and crowds. 

Snack Guidelines:

  • Don't go crazy with dry and crunchy things as they destabilize your Vata, which is already out of balance when traveling. 
  • Have a healthy mix of sweet and savory snacks to keep you feeling satisfied.
  • Bring fats when you can (olive oil, cheese, avocado, coconut products)
  • Bring your own tea. I always ask for hot water on the plane so I can have a fresh cup of organic tea.
  • Bring your own water bottle so you can fill it up before your flight and during a layover.
  • Light on caffeine, heavy on water. Travel is very dehydrating, so stick to water, herbal liquids, coconut water and kombucha. Wait to have caffeine until you arrive at your destination.
  • Bring Your Own Meal (BYOM) -- OMG, but don't say that acronym while traveling!)🤣 -- I always try to pack a simple and nutrient dense meal for my trip. A simple salad with quinoa, kale, olives, ghee and lemon travels really well, tastes good at any temperature and will last hours.


I love filling my 1-quart bag with a mix of essentials and feel good items. A lot of these are listed in my Online Travel Kit. I usually try to have hand/face wipes to clean surfaces, essential oils, lotion, face mist, mini olive/coconut oil and lip balm. My main goal is to stay hydrated on the inside and outside and to feel clean and fresh.


I am obsessed with my Hershel backpack. I try not to overload it when traveling, but always fill it with some key items.

  • Notebook. Great for making lists, writing down thoughts or passing notes when traveling.  
  • A selection of pens and highlighters. Enough said.
  • Laptop / iPad (depending on the nature of my trip)
  • 2 sets of headphones (Apple earbuds + Bose noise cancelling buds). I like to jam out during my flight and listen to all the podcasts!
  • 1 paper book or magazine. You never know when your device will die or you are without a charger. I love to catch up on magazine reading (Hello GQ!) and slim paperback books. Recently I packed You2 and The Alchemist. 
  • Scarf. I spritz it with rose water and wrap this around my head on the flight to keep me warm. I am buying this one for my trip to France in November.
  • Socks. Currently I love Bombas. I like to have a clean pair of socks to wear in flight to keep my feet warm. My plane socks are different from my travel socks. 
  • Ear plugs. Babies, chatty seat mates and loud talkers can interfere with your travel zen. Pop in some earplugs and you will be protected from all of the above, plus the hum of the engine. 


Finally my favorite travel practices. During the trip your energy can get stagnant and your attitude can go sour. But there are ways to stay calm and even joyful while on the go. 

  • Exercise the day before your trip. I always feel better when I get a good sweat or Bowspring session in the day before my trip. My body is happy, and I know I can make it through a long travel day.
  • Meditate. Before you leave, while en route, during a delay, and when you land... Ok ok! Just choose a time where you can be quiet and reconnect with yourself before or during your trip. It's amazing what a few minutes of solo quiet time can do to regenerate your attitude. In fact, if you find yourself feeling agitated or cranky, remove yourself from others to find a quiet place to breathe and/or meditate. I often put my earplugs in and meditate during the 15-20 minute landing period.
  • Focus on gratitude. When traveling, a LOT is out of our control. People, delays, crowded airports, the list goes on. The only thing we can control is our response to what is happening around us. If you can dig deep and find gratitude during your trip, you will be able to adjust your attitude and mindset. If you are struggling with your attitude, sit down for 5 minutes and write a long list of things that you are appreciative of in your life. 
  • Bowspring everywhere. Take your #bowonthego! Whether you are sitting in a cramped seat, walking through a terminal, or waiting for your connection, you can use your Bowspring. When I have a long layover, I spend 20+ minutes walking with my Bowspring. This increases circulation and gets my glutes working after hours of sitting. When I find a remote spot in the airport, I do some stretches, hops and handstands. It's amazing what a bit of movement and blood flow can do for you!
  • Clean surfaces and Prep for Take off. When I get on the plane, I grab my travel wipes and clean off all surfaces near me. Then I clean my hands. After that I put oil in my nose and ears (just a few drops), spritz my face, apply chapstick and hand cream and wrap my scarf around my neck and head. Then I take off my shoes and put on my travel socks. You may think that's a bit much, but it's part of my routine to keep me feeling grounded and comfortable for the next few hours. 😇

There you have it! This post has been a long time coming. I hope you take what works for you and use it on your next trip. I would love to hear about your go-to travel tips!


*Please note, you can assume most links are affiliate links. I only recommend products that I love and actually use. You don't pay anything more for affiliate links, but I do get a small kickback for directing you to a product. I absolutely appreciate your support and will continue to seek out and recommend only the best products to share with you. ❤️


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