And Ode to My Cat - Wanting What you Have

Uncategorized May 09, 2018


I keep seeing this quote and it resonates deeply with me. We spend so much time wanting, setting goals, striving. But we often forget to pause and soak it all in. Take a good look at what you have, where you are in life and all that you’ve created. 

Today I Remember How Much I Desperately Wanted A Cat Of My Own. 😽

Now I have her. Today is Mia’s birthday. She’s 2. 

Before I found Mia, there were two cats that I found and wanted but didn’t work out. Plus, John wasn’t completely on board, because he is “allergic” to cats. πŸ’¨


I always said I wanted an orange tabby. Secretly I wanted an all grey cat but didn’t think those were easy to find. 

When I saw the post about kittens in my neighborhood last July I immediately messaged the girl and asked if she had an orange tabby.

Her response was “No, but we have two grey tabby cats and one girl that is ALL GREY with big eyes.”

I went to visit that day. The high school girl said she found these kittens abandoned behind a dumpster. πŸ’” Little Mia (named Daisy at the time) was so tiny and cute. I held her and fell deeply in love.

I texted John photos and said this was my baby! He looked at the photo and said: “Are you sure, she looks kind of ratty.” (I die) but I was sure. John must have known too because didn’t put up any resistance to this one. I texted the girl and asked her to keep Daisy for us. πŸ’

Two weeks after I saw her, I was able to take her home. That was July and she was 10 weeks old. I had no idea what I was doing. I picked her up and drove her to King Soopers where I frantically picked up a litter box. She slept on the passenger seat happily. 


I got her home and couldn’t believe this tiny thing... wandering around the house, sniffing and sneezing everywhere. She sneezed for the first year... Bebe buggers everywhere! I kept telling her I was her momma now. My baby!

John got home and was, frankly, apprehensive. Not sure what to do with this little being. 🀷‍♂️It didn’t take long for her to win over his heart. His love for her makes my heart burst. 🍎

I slept with her in the guest room bed for the first week... unable to handle her sleeping alone, but not wanting to cause an allergy attack for John. πŸ’¨

Now I stare at her and think of her rags to riches story. πŸ˜ this little, abandoned dumpster kitten. Now she lives an inside life, full of laser pointers, feathers, and plants. She sleeps under the covers with me and I snuggle her like a teddy bear. She eats a raw food diet and only likes venison. 🀦‍♀️ her litter is ground walnut shells. We sing songs about her and talk with her all day. 

It’s a good life for all of us. And while I can’t imagine not having her in our life, I also can. I remember the days dreaming about having a kitten, a friend while I work at home. And now she’s here. And for that, I am full of gratitude and appreciation.  πŸ’•

That’s my Ode to Mia (aka “San” or “Bebe”). Call me a crazy Cat lady, but it’s worth remembering and celebrating the joy we get from our pets. But you can apply this level of appreciation to anything in life that you once wanted and now have. ❀️

Soak it in, bathe in the good feelings. Enjoy life as it is now, if only for a moment. Because there was a time when you desperately wanted the life you are now living.




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