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Choices are an important part of daily life and shape our experience. Often choices require will power. So how do we make the best choice for ourselves? As it turns out, developing positive habits can be extremely helpful in our overall choice making. For example, I used to oil pull randomly, and it takes 20 minutes in the morning. Every day I had to make a choice as to whether or not to do it. And if I didn't do it one day, I'd push it to the next, or I'd feel guilty that I hadn't done it all week. Then, one day I decided that I would make a habit to oil pull Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. Ever since then, I eliminated the need to make the choice. It became a habit! Choices can take up a tremendous amount of space in our minds. Which is why creating a new habit can often be the best way to choose the choice that best serves you. See, you choose once and then you don't have to continue to make the same decision. 

“If you design your world to make it hard to do things that are bad for you, and easy to do things that are good for you, then your behavior will shape to that design.”

With the Bowspring we are literally redefining the default "choices" of our alignment that were made without all of the information. We are teaching the body, how to form a new default. With the new information, we are making it harder to do the old model, the standard c-curve posture. You can choose to be aware of your body, your actions. Spend a moment thinking about a choice you want to become a habit in your body - may be rooting through your toes when you feel uncomfortable, or expanding your ribs when you are walking or transitioning. Then as you go through your day, class, etc, remind yourself "I choose my choice. I choose my choice." 


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