Cultivating Silence

Uncategorized Feb 23, 2017

Yesterday I attended the second session of my yoga studio's bi-annual cleanse. It's such a treat to spend 3 hours with a group of people all looking to heal their bodies and change their relationship with food. I love all things cleanse-related, however the fall Ayurvedic cleanse at Vital is my favorite of them all. This is a food cleanse, where you eat a mono diet of Kitchari, mineral broth a kefir shakes. It is extremely grounding and satisfying, especially as the weather turns toward chilly fall days.

During the session last night, we made a batch of Kitchari to feed 40 people. And then we all ate together... in silence. And then we all took a walk around the bustling block full of bars and Saturday night people... in silence. This experience was wonderful. Yes it was awkward and yes I felt like a cult walking down the street. But once I got over what other people may be thinking, I was able to embrace the experience and really enjoy the company of those around me, even without words. Why is this significant? Well besides being more present to my food and more observant to myself and my surroundings, it was nice to not to have to speak. Our society is one of talkers - small talkers, weather talkers, bullshit talkers and fill-the-silence talkers. And yes, most of those describe me... I LOVE to talk about the weather, ok? To me that means we just need to cultivate silence on our own terms, and make the choice to not speak. And even more importantly, learn to quietly be in the company of others that we love and trust, and just be.

Lately I've been practicing Oil Pulling in the mornings, along with trying to up my meditation practice. And sometimes, like this morning, I oil pull while I am meditating. Note: this seemingly efficient trick does not work that well for me - too many distractions - but it's fun to try! Anyway, I typically wake up before the Mr. and get started on my day. Then I do my oil pulling around the time he wakes up. The result? He inevitably  asks me if I have oil in my mouth, to which I nod, and then we spend the next 15 or so minutes not talking. Turns out this is a lovely way to start the morning with your loved ones! Ease into the day without my typical level of jabber and overwhelm.

So cheers to precious moments of silence! May you seek and find more moments for yourself and with others throughout your days.


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