Fall Routines

Uncategorized Feb 23, 2017

It's Fall!! And my body is so ready. Are you? Do you notice the shifts in your body-mind? If you really tune in, you may notice the desire to slow down a bit, and that is completely natural. Fall is a time for introspection, self care, nurturing, and slowing down. And if you can tune in, you will notice your body craving these things, and if you listen then you can respond to that and ease into the season with grace. 

Signs the season is shifting and you need to adapt... You are:

  • Not sleeping well
  • Feeling agitated/anxious
  • Feeling chaotic
  • Feeling dry
  • Feeling extra sensitive to noise or cold
  • Feeling spacey / disconnected 
  • Feeling the need to slow down or quiet down

What do you do? Because we are moving into fall, and your Vata is likely out of balance, you need to implement grounding practices and foods to settle the spinning energy.

  • Oil, oil, oil. Use healthy oils (inside and out) to your advantage.
    • Oil Pulling. Before you do anything else in the morning, swish 1-2 Tlb sesame/coconut oil in your mouth for 10-20 minutes, then spit out.
    • Oil Massage. Massage sesame oil on your body, then jump in the shower and let the steam moisturize your skin. Use soap only where necessary to prevent excess dryness on the skin.
    • Foot Massage. Rub your feet with sesame oil before bed and put on socks. This will guarantee a more restful and restorative sleep.
    • Ingest Oil. Use extra coconut oil, pastured butter and ghee in your food. Drizzle extra olive oil on salads and add a dollop of oil to your tea. Your body will thank you.
  • Sit in silence. With the change of season and the lingering busyness of summer, you may find benefit in sitting quietly each day. Whether it's a meditation, or just 5-10 minutes of breathing with your eyes closed, welcome more silence into your life. This is also a good time to be with yourself - ask and listen to your body.
  • Do inner work. Take time to clean and organize your pantry and fridge, have a massage, take a restorative yoga class and consume cleansing and calming foods (think ghee, olive oil, soups and tea). You can use this time to nurture from the inside out, to prepare for the harsh, cold winter.

Try implementing a few of these practices into your daily life these coming weeks and notice if you feel more settled and ready for the new season. Take time for self care and create space for yourself. 


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