How I Make My Fat-Fueled Matcha

Uncategorized May 10, 2018


I'm here to share with you my journey from coffee to matcha. I have been an avid coffee drinker since I was in college and started a coffee-centered blog, Traveling for Coffee (I can't believe it's still up!).

A few years ago I got very into the Bulletproof Coffee method, and started adapting it. In January Vital Proteins released a Collagen Coffee Creamer (try it!) and I started blending that into my coffee for a healthy, frothy beverage. I've blended everything from coconut milk, heavy cream, butter, cocoa butter, turmeric, and even strawberry powder (don't recommend) into my coffee. I love it dearly... at least I did.

In February I suddenly stopped liking coffee. It was weird. I went from loving my coffee so much in the fall to feeling almost repulsed by it. The transition was fast and I didn't realize at first that my body was talking to me. I went from adoring and relishing in the delight of my morning cofrfee, to not liking it at all. I tried to change things up, but it just started tasting bad.

I was at a loss, frankly this was an identity crisis!

I had no choice but to listen to my body. I stopped drinking coffee but needed something to replace my morning ritual. I also wanted to keep some caffeine in my day. I saw a few people post about matcha and decided to try it. I had some old matcha and blended it up one morning... it was AWFUL! 

I now know that the quality of matcha is essential for a delicious drink (and the health benefits).

One way to tell if it's high quality is by the color. It should be a vivid, rich green - no yellow tint and not dull. 

Matcha is a green tea powder. Producers actually grind up the whole tea leave to create this concentrated powder. The benefits of Matcha and green tea are supported by quite a bit of research. It is rich in antioxidants, polyphenols, and L-theanine (an amino acid known to create an "alert-calm").

I now purchase a high-quality matcha and make a blended "fat-fueled" drink each morning. I love the way the fat balances out the caffeine and provides me with my morning fuel. 

I usually wake up and drink 32oz of water (1 tsp pink salt, dash of cayenne, juice of 1/2 lemon, filtered water). Then I get my matcha prepared. I don't end up eating breakfast until around 10 am, because the matcha drink has so much fuel. 


You can see how beautiful and green the powder is! I have the full recipe listed below with links (some are affiliate links) to the ingredients I use. I adore this drink and will continue having it until my body tells me otherwise. One more thing to note - I now have coffee occasionally and it tastes good again. I'll have an ounce or two of good coffee in the morning, or when I go to a coffee shop.


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