How to ALIGN Your Spring Cleaning with Your Needs

Uncategorized May 17, 2018


This post covers some of my favorite, unconventional (duh), ways to spring clean! Winter is all about layers, hunkering down, slow, deep movement and weight. In all the good ways! I love winter. 

Come spring, we often feel weighed down and ready to shed some layers. You see, if you are full of stuff (thoughts, stuffed drawers, old crap you don’t love), then you are telling the Universe that there is no space for the things you want (and don't yet have).

So, the first step to creating and attracting all of the good is to create space for it.

This post goes over simple ways to clean up your life, declutter and start a new season with a fresh mindset. I broke them down by category. I recommend doing at least on thing per category for the best benefits.

  • Digital Clean Up
  • Household Organization
  • Personal Life

Scroll to the category that you are most drawn to, and start there. 




As our digital worlds take up more space in day-to-day life, we mustn't forget to keep things clean, clear and dialed to what we care about. It's easy to fill your Instagram feed with posts that make you feel inadequate, or fill your phone with apps that you don't use. Our email inboxes can cause massive stress, and a desktop that is unorganized can make it hard to find things. Visual clutter creates mental clutter. With unlimited storage, it's easy to let these things build up. Here are a few easy ways to Spring Clean your digital life. 


Unsubscribe From Email Lists

How many emails do you get each day? Of those ow many are you genuinely excited to receive? I don’t know about you, but there are emails that I get every day that I never even open… constant promos and pushes for me to buy something. I used to keep them “in case” I needed a sale. Now that I’ve unsubscribed, I realize that if I need a sale price, I can find it, but I don’t need daily emails to stress me out. Unsubscribe from emails that don't bring your joy to open, or go unopened. It will save you time in the long run. Remember, you can always re-subscribe if you start missing them. 


Delete Old Contacts

How many contacts do you have in your phone? How many do you actually use? How many have you talked to in the past year or two? I recently deleted nearly 60 people from my contacts. Just random names and numbers that no longer hold importance to me. I’m making space for new, high vibe friends, clients and business partners to come into my life. This was so liberating!!

Empty Computer Trash

I was running out of space on my computer. When I checked my trash folder, I had over 60 GB's of trash. Clearing that gave me back space on my computer. It also gave my peace of mind, knowing I wasn't holding on to old, unwanted files. Note: you can also schedule the computer trash to automatically empty weekly or monthly.


Organize Computer Files And Desktop

This goes for your phone too. Listen, having a bunch of files cluttering your desktop or home screen of your phone can be straight up stressful. I love filing things away, deleting unnecessary files and apps. After that, find a fresh background photo that you love to look at. I change mine monthly. Remember, if you don't use an app, delete it! You can always download it again if necessary.


My May desktop background. I get so much joy looking at this every day.


Reduce Screen Time

How much time do you spend in front of screens? Not only is it hard on our eyes, but new research suggests the Blue Light waves can be harmful to our skin! BTW: Beauty counter just released a new sunscreen that also protects your skin from Blue Light. I highly recommend trying it for summer. 

Lately, I’ve been making two conscious decisions: 

  1. Leave my phone at home when I go on walks. While I like to capture the beauty of the walk, I also enjoy the peace of mind I get by being fully present with myself and nature. 
  2. Charge my phone outside of my room at night. This helps me be really conscious of what I do right before bed. Often I choose to read or just mist myself with a calming spray and lay there allowing my thoughts to process. It is so calming to just be before bed, without distraction. It also stops my from checking my phone and filling my brain with clutter first thing in the morning. 



Have you ever had this happen - you feel no concern about your house until you find out guests are coming to visit {enter panic state!}. Suddenly, you notice the “pretty nice” house has dirt, junk and clutter everywhere! What is it about visitors that forces us to get real with our homes? I encourage you to pretend your MIL or BFF is coming to visit and you want things to look nice.

Inventory Your Home And Look For Clutter

  • Is there a pile of old magazines in the corner?
  • A junk drawer with old papers and manuals?
  • Maybe you keep junk mail piled on your dining room chair.
  • Look for these little “daily messes” and clear them up. You’ll be amazed at how open your house feels.

OK, I definitely have more yoga pants than regular pants.



Raise your hand if you are a Marie Kondo fan! 🙋🏽‍♀️ I go through my closet every 3-4 months. It’s amazing how I still manage to donate bags of stuff each time. It is so satisfying to have SPACE in my drawers. Having space does not mean you need to fill it. I follow Marie's folding tips for my socks, tanks and yoga clothes. I feel a deep sense of ease when I open a drawer and can easily see everything inside.

I work from home for the most part so don’t require many “nice” clothes. Yet, I do like to have new, fun pieces. So, I joined This is essentially a clothing rental service. I get 4 new pieces a few times a month. I wear them for a week, then return for a new batch. So far I’m loving the diversity of items, the fact that I don’t have to wash the clothes, and that I maintain space in my closet. Until I'm ready to build my wardrobe, I'll keep using this service to keep my clothing fresh and uncomplicated. 


The mess was TERRIBLE! Cleaning it out was such a relief. 


Makeup Drawer

Let me put it bluntly, if you are using makeup and products that you wore a few years ago, it's time to ditch them. Do your skin a favor and get rid of old, bacteria-ridden, expired products.

I recently cleaned out my “personal care” cabinet and drawers and was shocked by how much stuff I was holding onto. Old mascara, makeup from college, mostly empty lotions, expired face masks… yuck! Fist, most skincare and makeup products have expiration dates (for example mascara should be tossed after 6 months). Second, I only want clean, safe products in my life. You know how much I love Beautycounter! Finally, organizing my makeup and products has helped me change up my routine and speed up my mornings… no more searching for dry shampoo!

Personal Care Products

On a similar note, personal care products are also important to clean up. If you have old bath salts, lotions, and toxic feminine products, ditch them. I started using a Period Cup a year ago and love it. It definitely takes some adjustment, but this is Eco-friendly and non-toxic for my body. Tampons often contain harsh chemicals that f*ck up the Ph balance of our lady parts and can cause hormonal disruption. If you do use tampons, you can try a safer company like Sustain NaturalBonus, they also have safer lube and condoms. Ladies, don't let convenience get in the way of your health. Switch up your lube, condoms, tampons and pads!



Fridge And Pantry

The fridge and pantry often get neglected. We buy food and stockpile it, often forgetting what we have. I clean my fridge and pantry every few months.  Cleaning and organizing the fridge and pantry helps you to save money, decrease waste and cook with what you have. When you can't see your ingredients, it's easy to choose convenience or take out. I love to clean my fridge and pantry before grocery shopping. Then I make a complete list and shop. It is so gratifying to come home and put fresh, beautiful groceries in my clean fridge and pantry. Remember, a real cleaning involves taking everything out, ditching old/expired food and washing the shelves. 

Fresh Air

When the weather gets nice, it’s time to air out the house. Open your windows, replace your air filters and get the air moving. I like to do a seasonal Sage or Palo Santo flush in my house as well. This helps to clear out old energy (Sage) and make space for high vibe energy (Palo Santo). I’ve also been using a delightful oil blend in my diffuser - 2 drops each of lemon, lavender and peppermint oil. It’s fresh and cleansing.

Mia is guarding (aka waiting for me to leave so she can eat them) my plants during a group watering session.


Plant a plant. While we are talking fresh air, let's talk plants. Plants are natural air filters and add beauty to your home. Start with small, easy plants (like succulents) and build from there. I now have a Ficus tree, 2 succulents, a spider plant, mint, basil and cactus in my home. They bring me so much joy and help keep our air clean. 



Clean Up Your Thoughts

Are you holding on to old beliefs that are tying you down? Do you wake up every morning with the same boring (or downright negative) thought? Now is the time to start witnessing this and make a conscious change. It can be as simple as choosing your very first thought when you wake up (“I’m ready for whatever the day brings me!”) or when you go to sleep (“May I rest and restore tonight and feel fresh tomorrow.”). Maybe take a moment to thank your food before eating. Maybe write 10 reasons why you are AWESOME each day. Whatever it is, start choosing thoughts that are affirmative and empowering to you

Friends And Relationships

Yea I had to go there. Take a close look at your relationships.

  • Have boundaries slipped?
  • Do you spend too much time with energy vampires?
  • Are your friendships fulfilling and positive?

We are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with. Let’s spend time with people who encourage, support and are real to us. Find your people, love up on them, and keep your relationships growing. 

Are You Ready To Spring Clean?

If you are inspired to clean up your life this spring, share below! Let us now what your favorite #alignfulspringcleaning tips and processes. If you try out any of these tips, I would love to hear how it works for you. 

Until next time...


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