How to Overcome Bad Days

Uncategorized Apr 16, 2018

Happy Day, Lovelies! 

So I wanted to open up and share with you about my bad week! Yes, I have bad weeks too. Read below to see what I went through and the steps to overcome this feeling (it will probably surprise you!).

Recently, I found myself in the middle of funk. I wasn’t depressed, per se, but I also did not feel like myself. 


It was one of those weeks where I was constantly looking for something to make me feel better but nothing sounded good.

I ended up isolating myself. I didn’t chat with my high vibe friends, I didn’t post much on my Instagram, and I kept to myself. This is a tendency of mine. When I’m feeling low, I don’t want to dump my energy on others. Unfortunately, that is often what I need - my high vibe people to remind me that this is OK.

Notice what I said there? I do not need people to pick me up, coach me, or give me ways to get out of my funk. I need people to remind me that this is where I am right now and to allow myself to be. here. now. My good friend, Shannon said it just right “I knew you’d be fine.” 

You see, there is absolutely nothing wrong with feeling down, sad or heavy-hearted. This is part of the path, the process of life. I have a lot of down days and a lot of up days. For me, my highs are so much stronger than my lows, which often leaves me noticing the sharp contrast. 


We’ve all asked this question as if when you aren’t happy, something is inherently broken with you. 🙈 Mind you, I’m not talking about deep depression or clinical issues. I’m talking about the guaranteed low days in life. 

On low days my mantra is “Tomorrow is a new day!” 🌟 This allows me to be where I am, and also encourages me to understand that I could feel completely different the next day.

Have you ever had a hangover?
I used to joke (but for real…) that I loved hangovers because the day after one I felt like a brand new person. Though, now that I’m 30 it often takes 2 days to feel new again. 😆 That’s what the low days are here for - to remind you of how good it feels to feel good

When you feel low or off, you are likely processing something that you don’t even know about (like when you are hungover and your body is processing alcohol). When you resist you are limiting the actual processing and will likely extend the feeling OR push it deeper inside where it’s just waiting to pop up stronger next time. 🚫

My week-long funk was particularly difficult for me. I’m used to a day or two, but a week felt ENDLESS. I kept running through all of the reasons I was likely feeling down.


We feel an insatiable need to explain away our bad feelings. 

Well, I’ve had a busy few weeks, my period is coming, I didn’t sleep well, I had too much wine last week…" the list goes on.

What I Did Come To Realize Was This: 

I had lost touch with myself over the past month. I stopped checking in with myself… my intuition and my body.

  • I was ignoring the signals to pause.
  • I wasn’t going to yoga, meditating, slowing down at night
  • I wasn't taking time for myself to move and enjoy life.

It happened so fast! It was like I completely reverted to my old self the 3 weeks leading up to my funk. 

Once I connected the dots, I felt a major sense of relief. 

On Sunday I felt the frost lifting, with the help of some beautiful spring weather. I made a conscious decision to not work on the big project on Monday, and I took the entire afternoon off. That brought a lot of joy back to me.

On Tuesday I worked fewer hours but was more focused (no social media and distractions during work time). 

I had a full day scheduled on Wednesday. I listened to my intuition, that quiet nudge, and canceled my morning class. That freed up mental energy to edit a video (linked below) to post this week. 

On Thursday I was BACK, baby. I felt focused and productive. I had a powerful coaching call with one of my clients… big breakthroughs for her. I took a long walk, did a meditation and found a lot of quiet space for myself. Oh, how I missed this feeling.

Friday I went to yoga. The glory of moving my body was incredible!

Today I share with you. I had a full week of feeling down and last week was my recovery week where I was able to ramp up again.


Well for one, I want you to understand that my life is not all unicorns 🦄 and rainbows 🌈. While I seek them out, I also fall down, stumble and feel totally punk (a word I use when I’m feeling dull, heavy and low).  

But it’s more than that because I know if I’m feeling it, then you feel it too. And if you feel it, you need to understand what is going on. 


  • Notice how you are feeling. 🤔
  • Move toward that feeling, what is really going on? Feel it, don’t distract or avoid it.
  • Recognize with compassion, that your body is working on something and your only job is to allow the process.
  • Remember that tomorrow is a new day! You could feel completely different any day. This feeling is not forever, contrary to how it feels. 
  • The goal is not to “get happy” as quickly as possible. Take time and know that this process is essential to your future happiness. 
  • Remember to check in with yourself. Go inward. Take more quiet time, listen to your intuition, rest, meditate, and take care of yourself. 🧘🏽‍♀️ 

Throughout this process, become the Witness. The heaviness will start to fade, know this. Be present with it and when it starts to fade away, feel the gratitude for the shiny new you.

Sending you love and all the feels!


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