On Being Sweet…without Sugar (+ a recipe)

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People used to call me SWEET all the time. Frankly, it always irked me to constantly hear “You are sweet and cute!” I didn’t want people to think of me that way. I wanted to be seen as Strong, Confident, Empowered and Hot!

I Felt This Way Because I Viewed Being ““Sweet” As Weak, Submissive And Generic

Obviously that’s my own perception of the phrase. Yet, I also tended to embody those qualities. I used to be a people pleaser: type A, put everyone first, doubt myself and sooo sweet. Like artificial sweetener… it was too sweet and didn’t feel right.

That was before… I have since embraced a new version of sweetness.

  • I am kind, compassionate, loving and authentic

  • I share my heart and express my love and gratitude with abandon

  • I am also strong, connected, committed and unwavering in my love for myself

  • I put myself first, take care of my needs and then freely give to others

I now think of my sweetness more like cinnamon, vanilla extract or maple syrup. Bold, natural and unfiltered.

I can embrace the sweet side of my personality without letting it define me. 🔥

That’s Why I Made This Not-Sweet (But Sweet) Blended Coffee Recipe

I wanted something that tastes sweet, but is not loaded with sweetener - artificial or otherwise.

I came up with this beverage while on vacation in Boston this weekend (John ran the Marathon!!). John and I spent some quality time at my cousin Kim’s house and I got creative with my morning coffee.

You can enjoy a morning blended beverage that tastes sweet and indulgent, but isn’t. It’s full of healthy fats from cashews, protein from collagen and flavor from vanilla and cinnamon.

The combination of cashews and collagen produce the creamiest coffee I’ve ever made! Mind you, blending in a high speed blender is a MUST. The blending process produces a velvety cream that dreams are made of. If you don’t, you will end up with a grainy, unimpressive beverage. #pass

Here’s How You Embrace Sweetness In Coffee Without Added Sugar:

Cashews: probably the sweetest and creamiest of all the nuts. If you eat them raw you will notice the sweet aftertaste. This makes for a delightful “sweet treat” when foregoing sugar.

Cinnamon: My favorite kind of cinnamon is Ceylon “True” Cinnamon. It smells exactly like the Red Hots candy. Known to control blood sugar and fight inflammation among other benefits, cinnamon is a great addition to your diet. I make sure to buy organic cinnamon, to ensure the spice is fresh and non-irradiated. Another impressive trait of cinnamon is it tricks you into thinking things are sweet, helping to curb sugar cravings.

Vanilla Extract: You know the smell… the rich, fragrant aroma of vanilla beans. It also helps to make recipes taste sweet and full-bodied. I love using organic Madagascar vanilla extract or, even better, Vanilla Powder. The powder is just ground up vanilla beans, and it takes recipes to the next level.


Recipe: Creamy, Dreamy Morning Coffee (Makes 1)


  • 10 oz hot coffee

  • ¼ cup raw cashews

  • 1 Tlb collagen

  • 1 tsp MCT or coconut oil

  • 1 tsp cinnamon (I used Ceylon)

  • ¼ tsp vanilla extract or vanilla powder

  • Pinch of salt (this brings everything together)


  1. Rinse your blender with HOT water

  2. Fill your mug with HOT water and let sit

  3. Add all ingredients to pre-heated blender

  4. Blend on high for 30 seconds (don’t skip this step, you do not want a grainy drink)

  5. Empty water from pre-heated cup and pour blended coffee in

  6. Serve with a sprinkle of cinnamon on top and enjoy!

If you make this recipe, please share below!

What tricks do you have to make things sweet without sugar?


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