Uncategorized Feb 23, 2017

Instead of being ridgid and uptight or offended, what if we were playful and less attached? Deepak Chopras always says we can choose to be "amazed" or "amused" with any situation. Right away, that brings our defenses down and allows us to look at things from a lighter perspective. What if we bring a more playful attitude into everyday life? What if play becomes more common and we laugh more, and experience more joy. Then maybe we will all heal faster. 

The body gets hard as we age. We literally get shorter, tighter and less fluid (in fact, DRIER). We grip and clench and hold and it become so common that it is our default. Let's shine awareness to the rigidity and bring a light, fluid playfulness to our movements. Allow the playful attitude - because that's where it starts. One way to do this is to fill up your central ribcage - Radiant Heart - with an intention to lighten up. All that intention to seep into your body, unlocking old patterns and unleashing the holds you have on yourself. Move with the freedom that your seek. Embrace the lightness and crack a smile while you move. Trust me, it goes a long way. :)

As you move today repeat to yourself, I am playful, I am fluid. If you fall, laugh. If you wobble turn it into a hop! Be amazed and amused at this being that is yours. 

Let's all give it a try, shall we?

“The mind heals with play, the body heals with laughter and the spirit heals with joy. ”

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