Self Care

Uncategorized Feb 23, 2017

How do you take care of yourself? DO you take care of yourself? We are often so eager to help others (or tell them how they need to help themselves), yet we forget to take care of numero uno - ourselves.

You know what the flight attendant says on the plane - you are supposed to put your own oxygen max on before helping someone else. The same goes for everyday life. We need to nurture and take care of ourselves, fill ourselves up first! But how can you do this when you have a million things to do and places to go? What are some ways we can take care of ourselves - gratitude, self care, healthy food? Sometimes all it takes is a deep breath.

Use the breath to literally fill yourself up. This is the first step to radiant heart, the physical filling, which then becomes even more expansive as we actually fill ourselves up - by nourishing and taking care of our own needs. That's when radiant hear truly fills from the inside out.

Phrase: Close your eyes and take a moment to refill. Start with your breath, then a moment of gratitude for this moment here. Today, do what best serves you. This is your practice and you know what will most nourish your needs. 


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