Self-Care While Sick

Uncategorized May 24, 2019

This week was no different, my last IG post talked about my Sick Habit (spoiler alert, it involves me getting mad a John). 🙈

Today I want to share a few Self-Care While Sick tools for you

Consider These As Reminders For The Next Time You Are In Bed, With A Fever And Feeling Desperate (Err… You May Want To Keep This Post Handy).

**I also have a full video and blog post called "Health While Sick" that covers my Sickness Protocol. 


Don't resist: This does not mean you are giving in. Resistance creates inner turmoil and often leads to you feeling BAD about feeling bad. NOT FUN. Recognize how you feel, and start taking care of yourself.

Rest: While we don't all have the luxury to take full days off when sick (which is bonkers, btw), we can slow down. Go to bed early, cancel morning meetings and commit to more rest. Rest is one of the best ways to take care of yourself- you can step back and allow your body to handle the healing.

Hydrate: I can't stress this enough. When sick, your body is working overtime to fight. You often sweat and need extra fluids. Drink lemon water with real salt first thing in the morning. Drink bone broth. Drink warm tea. Add a hydration tablet to your water (I like Nuun). Drink fresh citrus or green juice... or take wellness shots (I like Kor). Eat soup! 

Ask for help: Raise your hand if you have trouble asking for, and accepting help!🙋🏽‍♀️

  • Ask a friend to bring you something

  • Ask your partner to handle the house chores (even if you have to make a list and spell it out)

  • Or, use a service like PostMates to have a meal or groceries delivered. 

  • You don't have to do it alone, and it's comforting to have someone show up for you when you are down.

Speed Rack: Bartenders have one, and you should too! You want to have a setup in place with all your wellness goodies at your fingertips. This includes books, chargers, WATER, snacks, essential oils and tissues. It keeps you from having to get up constantly.

Meditate: Often reading or even watching a show can be exhausting, and you end up restlessly stuck in bed. Next time, try to meditate. Put on a guided track (I love using Insight Timer) and allow your mind to wander to a different dimension. You'll feel peaceful and relieved (at least during the meditation).

Hygiene: It's easy to forget to brush your teeth when in bed all day. Or to skip a shower because you feel weak. That's fine, but remember, the simple act of personal hygiene can help you feel better. Take the time to oil pull, scrape your tongue, brush your teeth and wash your face. These tasks take only a few minutes and will help you feel refreshed. If you can manage, take a bath or a shower before jumping back into bed.

I hope these tips help you during your next cold, flu (or, frankly hangover).When feeling under the weather, it's harder to follow simple self-care practices. However, doing so will improve your state while sick and set you up to recover quickly. 


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