When it's Time for a Break

Uncategorized Aug 08, 2017

As I dive deeper into living with "flow" - doing less to get more - I value the sweetness of slow-paced vacations. Slow-paced, as in not planning every minute, setting crazy expectations or trying to "do" everything that's available to me.

It's taken me a while to get to this place. I mean, aren't you supposed to see all of the highlights of the place you visit? Shouldn’t you meet up with everyone and make a solid plan so you don't miss anything? Anyone... anyone? Sometimes that is the purpose of your vacation, and it flows easily and doesn't cause stress - that's wonderful! However, without a connection to what you truly need or want, it's easy to lose sight of why you are getting away and what will serve you best while there. It is easy to get swept away by all of the fun opportunities and come home needing a vacation from your trip.

Lately, I'm finding that vacation means doing less and flowing more.

What does my body want?
What meal feels right?
Do I need movement, contemplation or socialization?
Am I doing something because I feel like I should, or because I truly want to?
What do I need to release - and how can I physically move that through my body?

These are the questions I ask myself so I can use the vacation to recover from my busy life. If anything feels forced, I pass - I certainly don't want to feel stressed about expectations when I'm trying to take a break.


I just returned from Steamboat, CO. A lovely mountain town with endless things to do.

Some of Steamboat’s many attractions include: rodeo, alpine slide, live music, amazing restaurants, breweries & bars, a river, hiking trails, hot springs and friends who live there.

It all sounds (and is) amazing! We go to Steamboat every year and have had plenty of opportunity to explore all the town has to offer. So for this trip we didn't plan a thing. This was a big step for me! I didn't bookmark all of the restaurants I wanted to try or make an itinerary. Trust me, I used to make expert level itineraries.

The beauty is, without all the planning, we just did what felt right, and the trip was fantastic. We did spent little time planning, and a lot of time walking, eating, drinking and enjoying the beauty of the town.

  • We attended a wedding but didn't let it consume our entire trip.

  • We went on a hike that was glorious and completely spontaneous.

  • We walked, napped, read and sat quietly.

  • I even did some work for Alignful because I felt so inspired and relaxed.

Perfection. We enjoyed ourselves so much, that we spontaneously decided to extend the trip an extra night.

After five days away, I arrived home feeling satiated. I was ready to come home and be in the flow of regular life again. I had new ideas and inspiration for some upcoming fall Alignful programs. Things felt right.

And that's why I took a vacation. No longer is it to distract myself or escape from regular life. Instead, I see these intentional breaks as a way to reconnect with my flow and reset my creativity. It's a time to stop "to-doing" and tune deeper into my inner guide. I came home feeling refreshed and like my creative cup was refilled.

The best part? I have so much I want to create that I have to pace myself. I see the possibility - the reality - of my business growing and thriving. Of me actually being able to reach and work with people all over. Of people feeling this same level of inspiration, breaking though the "stuck" and "bored" feeling of the grind. Of finding THEIR flow and moving with it. This is where we thrive. And we can do it together. See when you give yourself space to recharge, you actually get to recharge. When you don’t over-schedule your vacation, your body and mind have time to rejuvenate and restore. Yes!

Are you stuck in the rut of over-planning, feeling stressed and overwhelmed (on vacation OR in everyday life)?

If so, I can help! Join me for a 7-day Fall Reset on September 25. Let's transition from a summer of fun, commitments, and vacation in a sustainable way. Recommit to your own flow and learn how to feel great every day without adding more "to-dos" to your life. When you learn to tune in, listen and move your body, you can jumpstart the fall in a beautiful way. Early registration is $87 (until Sept. 10).

I wish you all a flowing and light rest of your summer. I'll see you in September. School is in session (but don't worry, I'm not adding extra homework to your busy life). 😜


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