3 Steps to Clear Your Workspace

Uncategorized May 24, 2017

Has this ever happened to you? You sit down feeling ready to start the day, but suddenly you don't feel inspired or motivated. What happened? You thought you were ready to take on the day, be productive and enjoy the process. But something feels off.

If you ever feel frustrated and uninspired when you sit down to work, you may need to clear your mental and physical workspace to make room for creativity and joy. Follow the steps listed in the video below and you may find yourself feeling more productive and inspired when you sit down to work and create.


3 Steps To Clear Your Workspace

  1. Identify the Clutter: Consider what is causing clutter. Do you have inner chaos? Outer chaos? Just take some time to consider what is causing physical or mental clutter in your life.
  2. Clean Up Your Environment: Once you've identified the clutter, take action to clear space. They may mean physically cleaning up and wiping down your space, or going on a walk to make mental space. But...
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Ride the Wave

Uncategorized Apr 25, 2017

Life has a way of ebbing and flowing, and knocking us down just when we start to feel "in control." The thing is, control is a facade. Yes we like to ease our minds by trying to control certain aspects of life, and that definitely has a purpose. But the truth is, at any time, life can jump in and hit us with a big wave. So what do we do then? If our actual ability to control circumstances is limited, how can we take command of our ship when it's sinking?

Our job is to ride the wave. Life has ups and downs that's what makes it so interesting. Without the lows, we wouldn't appreciate the highs. When we get hit hard, we can allow ourselves to become immersed in the experience without becoming the experience. This can even simply be applied to the days when you feel down. You all know that feeling. You wake up on the wrong side of the bed, or you are tired, or you just feel low for no apparent reason. What do you do? Lament about feeling bad, get mad at yourself for not being...

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Self Care

Uncategorized Feb 23, 2017

How do you take care of yourself? DO you take care of yourself? We are often so eager to help others (or tell them how they need to help themselves), yet we forget to take care of numero uno - ourselves.

You know what the flight attendant says on the plane - you are supposed to put your own oxygen max on before helping someone else. The same goes for everyday life. We need to nurture and take care of ourselves, fill ourselves up first! But how can you do this when you have a million things to do and places to go? What are some ways we can take care of ourselves - gratitude, self care, healthy food? Sometimes all it takes is a deep breath.

Use the breath to literally fill yourself up. This is the first step to radiant heart, the physical filling, which then becomes even more expansive as we actually fill ourselves up - by nourishing and taking care of our own needs. That's when radiant hear truly fills from the inside out.

Phrase: Close your eyes and take a moment to...

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Fall Routines

Uncategorized Feb 23, 2017

It's Fall!! And my body is so ready. Are you? Do you notice the shifts in your body-mind? If you really tune in, you may notice the desire to slow down a bit, and that is completely natural. Fall is a time for introspection, self care, nurturing, and slowing down. And if you can tune in, you will notice your body craving these things, and if you listen then you can respond to that and ease into the season with grace. 

Signs the season is shifting and you need to adapt... You are:

  • Not sleeping well
  • Feeling agitated/anxious
  • Feeling chaotic
  • Feeling dry
  • Feeling extra sensitive to noise or cold
  • Feeling spacey / disconnected 
  • Feeling the need to slow down or quiet down

What do you do? Because we are moving into fall, and your Vata is likely out of balance, you need to implement grounding practices and foods to settle the spinning energy.

  • Oil, oil, oil. Use healthy oils (inside and out) to your advantage.
    • Oil Pulling. Before you do anything else in...
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Cultivating Silence

Uncategorized Feb 23, 2017

Yesterday I attended the second session of my yoga studio's bi-annual cleanse. It's such a treat to spend 3 hours with a group of people all looking to heal their bodies and change their relationship with food. I love all things cleanse-related, however the fall Ayurvedic cleanse at Vital is my favorite of them all. This is a food cleanse, where you eat a mono diet of Kitchari, mineral broth a kefir shakes. It is extremely grounding and satisfying, especially as the weather turns toward chilly fall days.

During the session last night, we made a batch of Kitchari to feed 40 people. And then we all ate together... in silence. And then we all took a walk around the bustling block full of bars and Saturday night people... in silence. This experience was wonderful. Yes it was awkward and yes I felt like a cult walking down the street. But once I got over what other people may be thinking, I was able to embrace the experience and really enjoy the company of...

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Uncategorized Feb 23, 2017

What does it mean to have a balanced life? Balance is so easy to say, but difficult to cultivate. What's a balanced mind? Let the thoughts ebb and flow, but not take you over. The same elements can be applied to diet and body. How you align and move and take care of your physical body. And how you shop, prepare, eat and digest your food. It takes all parts to truly to create a whole self. And really, it's a lifelong process of balance, nurture and love.

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Uncategorized Feb 23, 2017

Instead of being ridgid and uptight or offended, what if we were playful and less attached? Deepak Chopras always says we can choose to be "amazed" or "amused" with any situation. Right away, that brings our defenses down and allows us to look at things from a lighter perspective. What if we bring a more playful attitude into everyday life? What if play becomes more common and we laugh more, and experience more joy. Then maybe we will all heal faster. 

The body gets hard as we age. We literally get shorter, tighter and less fluid (in fact, DRIER). We grip and clench and hold and it become so common that it is our default. Let's shine awareness to the rigidity and bring a light, fluid playfulness to our movements. Allow the playful attitude - because that's where it starts. One way to do this is to fill up your central ribcage - Radiant Heart - with an intention to lighten up. All that intention to seep into your body, unlocking old patterns and unleashing the holds you...

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Uncategorized Feb 23, 2017

Choices are an important part of daily life and shape our experience. Often choices require will power. So how do we make the best choice for ourselves? As it turns out, developing positive habits can be extremely helpful in our overall choice making. For example, I used to oil pull randomly, and it takes 20 minutes in the morning. Every day I had to make a choice as to whether or not to do it. And if I didn't do it one day, I'd push it to the next, or I'd feel guilty that I hadn't done it all week. Then, one day I decided that I would make a habit to oil pull Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. Ever since then, I eliminated the need to make the choice. It became a habit! Choices can take up a tremendous amount of space in our minds. Which is why creating a new habit can often be the best way to choose the choice that best serves you. See, you choose once and then you don't have to continue to make the same decision. 

“If you design your world to make it hard to do...
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